I'm Vinita.

UX Designer | UX Researcher

A computational designer who solves problems for businesses using design, technology and strategy. Five years of expertise in UX, digital design, design research, user research and B2B product design. Interested in opportunities to create design as a strategic and competitive advantage along with crafting experience-led products.

Currently working as UX Designer and Researcher at Wonderlic on Wonscore which is a SaaS pre-employment testing platform. Previously UX designer at Witlingo where I worked on Voice UX Analytics, Guidelines for content and Alexa Skill Reviews.

Awarded the Outstanding Project Dean's Choice Award at iSchool, University of Maryland for my project "Park Pal - Engaging Millenials in Parks" in 2019.

Selected Projects

About Me


Currently, I am the UX Designer for the Wonscore product team at Wonderlic. Working with a team of Product Owners, BAs and User researcher, I designed the user experience for Wonscore 2.0 - new Motivation Test, Expanded Results reporting, Structured Interview guide and Onboarding guide. I engage with Marketing, Sales and Customer Success teams to better understand the needs of the users and align on creating a delightful end-to-end user experience.

After an undergrad in CS, I worked as a UX Engineer for an ecommerce company, Infibeam, where I collaborated with the product manager and other designers to co-design and develop functional prototypes and proof of concept mobile apps using Javascript, Swift and Xcode. Passionate to solve user problems through design, I pursued my master's in HCI from University of Maryland. During my master's, I worked with Montgomery County Park Services on the Park Pal project.

I'm a self starter who uses design driven by research and data to solve problems for users and businesses. To increase awareness about user profiling and content targetting, I created a personality quiz at the innovtationWorksLab for CNN health.

I'm open to full-time opportunities! If you're interested in any of my works, please contact me at vinitalatre@gmail.com

My Design Process


  • Use methods like Contextual inquiry, Structured User interview to get qualitative data and deeper insights to user's problems.
  • To get more specific understanding from a larger group, use survey and analysis of usage.
  • In absence of real users, collaboration with Internal Stakeholders, literature review and Market trends analysis can fuel Brainstorming, Scenario Mapping and Storyboarding user pain points.


  • Create Problem definition or Goals statement for the project considering both User goals and Business goals.
  • Understand target users using Persona mapping, Identity models, customer journey map and Empathy maps. Also mapping user challenges through Jobs-to-be-done framework, Experience Models - Day in LifeModel, User flows, User Environment Design
  • Defining key successs metrics for the project


  • Designing wireframes, low and high fidelilty prototypes and UX copy.
  • Iterating designs through Sketching, whiteboarding based on user insights, information architecture and visual design principles. Essential to validate the design against the goal and metrics
  • Internal stakeholders review using functional prototypes, technical proof of concept and product reviews


  • Recruiting and selecting users for user testing. Creating testing protocol using appropriate methods like Usability testing, User studies or Contextual Inquiry to test user flows, accessibility, concepts, text and visuals.
  • Without users Heuristic evaluation, Cognitive walkthrough with designers.
  • Data collection and benchmarking for long term testing and analysis